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Brisbane: Prospecting for Coffee in the Golden Triangle


If anyone out there is familiar with Brisbane they will know that coffee is either brilliant or woeful. It gets even worse in the finanical district of the Brisbane CBD or as it is known in business circles, the Golden Triangle.

So coffee snobs, here is the ACPC Guide to getting quality coffee in the business heart of Brisbane…

Queen Street, the main retail & business street of Brisbane, offers more bad coffee than good; with “Starbucks”, “Gloria Jeans” and “Hudson Coffee” catering to those looking for looking to dull their tastebuds.

Here are a few secret spots that locals frequent:

  1. Elixir Coffee is a trendy coffee shop located in the lobby of 344 Queen Street that is a family run operation that always delivers great coffee.
  2. Raw Coffee: 340 Queen Street – owned by local property executives, some of the city’s major real estate deals are brewed here!

Marked coffee shop map of the Brisbane CBD

Eagle Street runs along the Brisbane River and on it are the following places to enjoy a cup of jo;

  1. Aquilla: 82 Eagle Street – opened in 2008; has enjoyed instant success with their Lavazza Lattes and famous avocado, chive & turkish bread.
  2. Merlo Riverside: located in the foyer of one of Brisbane’s power-towers, Merlo Riverside is a haunt for bankers and lawyers who currently read the job classifieds rather than the business section.
ACPC Tip: On a hot summers day Merlo Riverside is well air conditioned, which allows you to actually enjoy your coffee.

Best of the Rest:
  1. Extract Espresso: 182 Adelaide Street – retro, art deco, fantastic flat whites.
  2. Naked Coffee: Shop 7, 99 Elizabeth Street – Campos coffee on offer, one of Australia’s best roasters!
Let us know where your favourite coffee places are, anywhere in the world…

Bon Appétit!

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