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12 Hours In: PARIS

Well because I live only an hour from Paris at the moment, I’ve taken to having lovely day trips to the city on the Seine.
So here’s a mini 9AM – 7PM itinerary I’d love to share with you. Get the best out of Paris in 12 hours – c’est possible! 

On y va! (Let’s go!)

9 AM:

No matter whether you’re arriving into Paris by train, plane, bus or car – one thing is constant, you need refreshment…

Nowhere is better in the morning than Angelina‘s. Renowned for their luxuriously thick hot chocolate, they also offer delicious teas (melange Angelina) and absolutely amazing macaroons (to rival Laduree’s).

  • Angelina’s Salon du The; 226 Rue de Rivoli (1ere Arrondissement).
  • Metro: closest is “Tuleries” (Line 1) or “Pyramides” (Line 7 or 14).
ACPC Tip: I suggest morning because it becomes absolutely over-run with tourists by the afternoon. Try the Chocolat Lait et Caramel Macaron – absolutely to die for.
10 AM:


Time for a spot of shopping. World-renowned concept store “Colette” is in the street behind Angelina’s and is worth a look, even if you’re not interested in buying anything.
Otherwise walk down to the “American Apparel” and “Marc by Marc Jacobs” stores nearby for some well-priced fashion finds.
Something more up-market? Walk 5 minutes back to the “Pyramides” metro stop and walk through to Palais Royal. Here you will find “Marc Jacobs“, “Stella McCartney“, vintage store “Didier Ludot” (Chanel suits etc..), beautiful rose-based parfumerie “Les Parfums de Rosine“.
  • Colette: 213 Rue St Honore (1ere Arrondissement)
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs: 19 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré (1ère Arrondissement).
  • American Apparel: 31 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré (1ère Arrondissement).
  • “Palais Royal” (Marc Jacobs etc in the Palais): 4 Rue de Valois (1ère Arrondissement).
  • Metro: “Pyramides” (Line 7 or 14).
ACPC Tip: Le Palais Royal has great shopping not only within in it, but surrounding it as well.
1 PM:

Rose Bakery

Well! After all that shopping I know you’re hungry and you’re in France, so let’s get eating…
For one of the best quiche’s in Paris head straight to Rose Bakery. A well-known establishment amongst Parisians, it has a Anglo-influence but is filled with funky Frenchies who all possess that “Je ne sais quoi?”.
  • Rose Bakery: 46 Rue des Martyrs (9ème Arrondissement).
  • Metro: “Saint Georges” (Line 12).
ACPC Tip: Get there early to grab a table, it’s a popular spot for natives. The quiche’s are what the cafe is famous for, but they also have great salads and sumptuous cakes!
2:30 PM

Now is the time to hit the beautiful food shop,”La Grande Epicerie“, with your stomach full you’re less likely to fall victim to buying up all of the delicious produce.
Here you can stock up on Mariages Frères tea, Kusmi Tea, Valrhona chocolate, delicious cheeses anything your tummy desires!
And right next door is the luxurious “Le Bon Marché” department store; perhaps you should spoil yourself with a Le Creuset pot? Or some Dior sunglasses?

  • La Grande Epicerie: 38 Rue Sevres (7ème Arrondissement).
  • Le Bon Marché: 38 Rue Seves (7ème Arrondissement).
  • Metro: “Sèvres-Babylone” (Line 12).
ACPC Tip: Kusmi Tea is fantastic tea company often over-looked by those in search of the better-known Mariage Frères tea. Find them both at “La Grande Epicerie”.
5 PM:

La Charlotte de L'Isle

What’s that? You’re hungry after all that shopping… alright then, I’ll share with you our secret gem of a café.
La Charlotte de L’Isle” is a lovely, tiny café on Paris’ Ile St-Louis (near le Cathédrale Notre Dame). This home-like cozy café has the yummiest tarts, hot chocolate and a large variety of teas.
It’s surprisingly not over-run by tourists but by Parisians – so you know it’s good.
  • La Charlotte de L’Isle: 24 Rue St Louis en L’Ile(4eme Arrondissement).
  • Metro: “Pont Marie” (Line 7) – and a little walk.
ACPC Tip: If you don’t feel like sampling their out-of-this-world hot chocolate, try a tea and the “Quatre Epices” tart. (This café was actually recommended to me by P.’s Mum; an absolute foodie who always knows the best places to eat – no matter where in the world!)
7 PM:

Now heave your hiney back over to the first arrondissement where you were in the morning.
There are many great restaurants surrounding le Palais Royal, and it’s a nice place to mosy around in the evening.
  • Metro: “Pyramides” (Line 7 or 14) or “Palais Royal Musee du Louvre” (Line 1 or 7).
ACPC Tip: Any restaurant near le Palais Royal is a good bet.
What are your “Must Do” and “Must See” and most importanly “Must Dine” places in Paris or anywhere? We’d love to know…
Bon Appétit!
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  1. Kaye Gole permalink
    20/12/2009 7:21 am

    I love this blog …. you are both oh so clever

  2. Ros permalink
    02/03/2010 11:44 am

    Annie, I am going to Paris this weekend so I looked up this post. Do you realise almost everything on the list involves eating? 12 hours in Paris and then rolling home? I love it! I better fit some sights in as well though!

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