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Bites of Shanghai


I’ve been in Shanghai now for exactly a week – it feels like so much longer, simply because of how much I’ve had to cram into my mind (language barriers, new people, new food, new surroundings).

Here are some things I love about this town;

  • Street food: The vendors on the street sell some of the best food in the city. This lady above had this delicious pork-bun sort of food, that contained a delicious meat ball surrounded by yummy, soupy broth. Amazing and perplexing how they manage to keep all the liquids contained in that bun.
  • Cost of Living: Everything is cheap here. 1 yuan is the price for one of those buns which is 20 cents! I got a 2 hour massage for only $20. It’s a very easy city to live in.
  • Shopping: There are a myriad of shops here ranging from the fakes for which you haggle, to gorgeous little boutiques around the French Concession area, then to big name stores like Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton. Enough choice for everyone.
  • Tea: There’s tea with EVERY meal, I meal each and every meal. For a tea lover like me, that’s bliss.
  • Soup Dumplings: Dumplings that contain soup are a genius creation and absolutely comforting and delicious on rainy days.

Not too many negatives (the constant rain at this time of year is debilitating), but otherwise I’m looking forward to the rest of my time in this city.

Will bring you more news as it comes…

Tell me what’s your favourite city? Why?


Cooking Class: Cakes

I did my first ever cooking class at Black Pearl Epicure last night. The host was Jocelyn Hancock, a well-known and respected pastry/cake chef in Brisbane. I had such a wonderful time!

Jocelyn’s Provisions in New Farm, Brisbane. She sold the business in 2008-still great quality.

We learnt how to make Flourless Chocolate Cake and Apple Tea Cake. Each cake was absolutely delicious and it was so insightful learning how to make them from ‘the master’. There are so many little tips and tricks you pick up along the way!
The Flourless Chocolate Cake was a little tricky with its egg whites and chocolate melting, but the Apple Tea Cake is easy enough for all to try… so I’ve written in the recipe below and added in the notes I took along the way. Read more…

Absence Makes Readers… Disappear


A beautiful cake spread at "Tom's Deli" in London, 2009.

Readers, please accept our most sincerest of apologies for not posting.

When we got back from our big trip o/s – we had plans in posting up everywhere we ate, describing what delicious meals were had, sharing our “must-sees” and “must-dos” with you, but time got away and life got busy.

But we’re back, repentant but willing to try – like a sad puppy.

Expect NYC restaurant/cafe reviews (Momofuku Noodle Bar, Alice’s Tea Cup, The Hungarian Pasty Shop Cafe Sabarsky and more…), A “12 things you Must Do in Paris” guide and some new tried and tested recipes.

Hope to see you all around soon.


12 Things You Must Do In: NYC


The island of Manhattan is a large and overwhelming place. So we’ve reduced our three week trip there to these 12 Things You Must Do…

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Brisbane’s Tastiest Grasshopper


I’ve been home for about 10 days – and how fast things moved culinarily whilst I was away…

Above: Image of Grasshopper exterior. Image courtesy of BrisbaneTimes.

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12 Hours in: London


So you’ve got a short stop-over in the Tea-Drinking capital? If you don’t want to do all the touristy things here’s my advice; after a spot of breakfast and shopping in Notting Hill head straight to Marylebone High Street. Read on for our guide to “12 Hours in: London”.

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London: La Fromagerie


Cheese image from Town and Country, La Fromagerie image from La Fromagerie.

A slice of la vie française in ol’ London town. This gourmet food store is also a fabulous lunch spot, with meals leaning towards gallic tastes…

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